Terms and conditions of the promotional campaign “FIND THE VOUCHER & WIN!”

  1. Subject of the Competition:

    “CORINA SNACKS LTD”, in collaboration with the advertising agency “TELIA & PAVLA BBDO”, organise together this Competition (hereinafter jointly the “Promoters”), in accordance with the following terms of participation (hereinafter the “Terms”), which have been made publicly available and shall be continuously updated for the entire duration of the Competition on the webpage www.facebook.com/LaysCyprus/notes (hereinafter the “Webpage”). The purpose of these Terms is to define the conditions of participation in the Competition for every interested participant, as well as the conditions of determining the winners within the framework of this Competition. It is clarified that Facebook is not related, does not manage, promote, nor supports this Competition in any way.

  2. Right to participate:

    The Competition is open to all permanent residents of Cyprus, who have attained the age of 16 years.

  3. Exclusion from entering the Competition:

    Any persons falling under any of the following categories are excluded from entering the Competition: a) employees of the Promoters, of the companies “ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD” and “N&C TRADING LTD”, as well as anyone connected with the implementation of this Competition b) first and second degree relatives of the above-mentioned employees, as well as spouses of said employees, Exclusion may occur at any stage of the Competition, even at the prize-delivery stage.

  4. Duration of the competition:

    The Competition shall commence on 17-06-2019, at 12:00 and end on 31-10-2019 at 23:59.

  5. Entry process:

    To enter, each participant must purchase one of the following Lay’s product codes: Lay’s 90gr (Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail, Cheese and Onion, Barbeque) with the on-pack promo message “FIND THE VOUCHER & WIN!”, which it may contain the winning voucher that will reveal the prize the participant may claim. Participants can enter as many times as they like. Entries are considered valid provided they took place within the timeframe from the commencement of the Competition until its expiration, in accordance with term 4.

  6. Prizes:

    Participants compete for the opportunity to win one of the following prizes (hereinafter the “Prizes” and each of them the “Prize”):

    • Fifty thousand (50.000) vouchers of 10 Euro each, which the lucky winners may redeem at the Electroline stores in Cyprus by 31.10.2019, valid for purchases of at least 50 Euro each; only one voucher may be redeemed per purchase and it cannot be combined with another offer.

    • Thirty thousand (30.000) OJO Sunglasses vouchers for 50% discount, which the lucky winners may redeem at the OJO Sunglasses stores in Cyprus or on the website www.ojosunglasses.com by 31.10.2019. Only one voucher may be redeemed per purchase and it cannot be combined with another offer.

    • Fifty thousand (50.000) packets Lay’s Salt 200gr. The prize may be redeemed at selected stores by 31.10.2019.

    There is no cash alternative and the prize is non-refundable.

  7. Revocation of Announcement – Amendment of Terms:

    The Promoters shall be entitled to revoke the notice of Competition or to amend these terms (including the duration of the Competition and the dates of drawing lots and prizes), by providing information through the Webpage stating the effective date of revocation/ amendment of the date of the relevant notice.

  8. Acceptance of conditions:

    Participation in the Competition requires unconditional acceptance of the conditions of participation and entails subsequent waiver of all relevant claims against the Promoters.

  9. Publicity:

    These detailed Terms and Conditions shall be made publicly available on the Webpage www.facebook.com/LaysCyprus/notes